Get the most out of your solar production

We provide you information of how your solar plant is performing and optimizing the utilization of the produced energy

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Efficient and optimized solar production

Whether you are thinking of getting solar panels or already enjoying energy from the sun, we offer services for all types of solar power plants.

We help you with planning optimal solar plants, ensure your solar production is producing as intended and optimize the utilization of your produced energy for best returns.

Surveys & planning


Real-time data & metering

Performance indicators



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Insight of your solar production

Solar plant perfomance and production value easily in your pocket, together with overall energy usage and flows.

With My Comsel app and Oculus RJ Smart Sensor you'll always have the latest insight with you.

solar production | home

Insight of your solar Optimized utilization of solar energy

Utilization of solar production is optimized according to production levels, your consumption profile, electricity market prices and forecasts for maximum benefit.

Different loads can flexibly be added, including water heaters, EV chargers and various heating solutions.

Optimization is performed overall for your home and taking into account all the available loads.