Energy and EV Charging the proper way.

Use energy better, easily, with our energy solutions. Save costs and have greater peace of mind.

Electric vehicle charging

Charge at home with peace of mind

Enjoy safe and reliable charging with our high quality charger.

Paired with our app you'll have easy oversight and control, together with scheduling and optimization functionality.

Save charging costs with our optimization, charge when electricity prices are low or you have available solar production. It also keeps a watchful eye of your home's total power usage and fuse limits, adjusting the charging power if needed.

Energy saving

We help you use energy more intelligently

Benefitting you, your wallet and the enviroment, with the help of our sophisticated energy solutions for different types of households.

solar production

Optimized utilization of solar energy

Get the most out of your solar production with our optimization. We optimize for maximum benefit taking into account production and consumption profiles, electricity market prices and forecasts.

Different loads can flexibly be included, including water heaters, EV chargers and various heating solutions.

Optimization is performed overall for your home, taking into account all the available loads.